Northwest Cosmetic Labs

Northwest Cosmetics Labs - Capabilities

Northwest Cosmetic Labs offers a variety of custom formulation options to meet your needs, below are a few examples. For additional questions about a specific project, please email us at

Filling - Our filling capabilities are numerous and continue to grow as we search for new opportunities all over the world to better bring an idea into fruition. With capabilities such as bag-on-valve, silicone lipstick molds, packettes, and dual packettes, we continue to seek out the newest and greatest technology to increase our filling capabilities.

Skin - With experts in emulsion technologies, we have a vast knowledge of raw materials that are vital for good skin care.   Northwest Cosmetic Labs can create a vast range of custom formulated skin care for every skin type and need. Creams, serums, toners, and many other forms of skin care can be custom formulated and produced here at Northwest.

Hair - Understanding the importance of a good hair care regimen, the research and development team at Northwest Cosmetic Labs continues to search out the best raw materials for hair care custom formulation. Between hair treatments, cleansers, and styling products, our team understands the unique needs and chemistry of hair.

Color - The lab at Northwest Cosmetic Labs has a vast color wall to give our chemists many options to create a desired color product.  Following color trends, NCL is equipped and knowledgeable on the newest and best color options for the present market. With a very experienced color matcher, colored products are successfully colored and matched to specification. 

Body - Northwest Cosmetic Labs understands the importance of great formulas for the entire body and strives to find innovative ways to give the body the nutrients, strength, and beauty that it deserves. Aromatherapy, shimmer products, and deodorants are all part of Northwest Cosmetic Lab's lineup of successful formulations.

Medical Devices - Northwest Cosmetic Labs has the capabilities and training to manufacture formulations such as scar fade treatment and personal lubricants. With an established clean room and other necessary accommodations, our highly trained quality team will monitor these products to ensure that all requirements for medical devices are being met.