Northwest Cosmetic Labs

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As a global manufacturer for leading brands, Northwest Cosmetic Labs holds every product that is produced to a high standard of quality. Additionally, NCL is certified by many organizations to produce products under strict regulatory guidelines.

Featured Certifications:

ISO 13485:2003 Certified

Northwest Cosmetic Labs is certified for the contract manufacturing of silicone-based scar gel and other non-sterile medical devices to international standards.

ISO 22716:2007 Certified

Northwest Cosmetic Labs manufactures cosmetic products according to the high GMP standards of ISO 22716.

Noteworthy Certifications:

FDA Registered

OTC Drug


Northwest Cosmetic Labs is registered with the FDA to produce Over-the-Counter Drug products and continues to regulate these practices.

FDA Registered

Manufacturer of Exempt

Medical Devices

Northwest Cosmetic Labs is registered with the FDA to produce Exempt Medical Device products and continues to regulate these practices.

NHP and Therapeutic Goods


Ministry of Health and Welfare

The Canadian Ministry of Health and Welfare certifies that NCL can produce natural health products and therapeutic goods for Canada under the site license of their customers.


Inspected Facility

Northwest Cosmetic Labs has been inspected as a facility that manufactures products that are acceptable for use per Islamic Law.

ATF Licensed

to Manufacture with



The US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) certifies that NCL can formulate and manufacture, utilizing denatured alcohol.

Therapeutic Goods



Sponsor Ready

Australia’s Therapeutic Good Administration (TGA) certifies that NCL is “sponsor ready” to produce therapeutic goods for the Australian market.

Quasi Drug

Manufacturing for Japan

Northwest Cosmetic Labs is approved to produce Quasi Drug products.

In-house Testing:




NCL will ensure that your packaging is compatible with your formula by performing complimentary 12-week in-house Package Compatibility Testing.

Stability Testing

The 12-week in-house Stability Testing protocol will ensure that all approved formulas are stable and ready for production.

Microbial Testing

NCL tests all bulk and finished goods to ensure that every finished good that leaves NCL is untainted and of the highest quality.