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Doug Rooney, a talented cosmetic chemist, along with Gary Voigt, started Northwest Cosmetic Labs (NCL) as a small laboratory in 1995. Their first batches of makeup were created on a hot plate in a small rented office. With a vision of creating quality skin care and cosmetic products for the most popular and prestigious brands in the world, they built their company, as Doug Rooney puts it, upon the principle of “no surprises.”

When a customer comes to Northwest Cosmetic Labs, they know exactly what to expect because they are well informed on what is happening with their orders. Doug Rooney believed that great communication is key to a company’s success and Northwest Cosmetic Labs has not lost that belief throughout its 20 years in business. Their unfailing ethics and commitment to quality helped to make their vision into a reality, making Northwest Cosmetic Labs an innovative company that focuses on high quality and old-fashioned customer service.

Cosmovation Process™ hot pour, lip balm manufacturing filling at Northwest Cosmetic Labs - the world's leader in skin care manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, color cosmetics formulation and manufacturing, and OTC formulation and manufacturing
Research and development, formulation of cosmetic and skin care products at Northwest Cosmetic Labs.
Picture of Northwest Cosmetic Labs Doug Rooney Center, home to lipstick manufacturing, color cosmetics manufacturing, skin care manufacturing, personal care products manufacturing and medical device manufacturing

That small rented office has transformed and evolved into 4 large buildings totaling more than 175,000 square feet. With a large compounding suite, multiple production floors, and room for planning and innovation, NCL has grown into a contract manufacturer with ever-increasing development and filling capabilities.

Today Northwest Cosmetic Labs is a world player in the cosmetic manufacturing arena. We are a premier formulator and manufacturer for professional skin care and prestige cosmetic brands.