Northwest Cosmetic Labs



Our mission is to help customers accelerate growth by accelerating innovation and delivering consistently high quality products on time and on budget. There are four attributes that make Northwest Cosmetic Labs unique in the contract manufacturing industry.

  • Innovation – we partner with our customers to accelerate innovation by working together on great ideas that lead to growth.
  • Service – we care as much about your projects as you do. When you call us, you get a real person to handle your questions or concern.
  • Quality – we are sticklers. We have to be because we work with the highest quality brands in the industry whose customers expect a lot.
  • Integrity – we give you exactly what you pay for. No shortcuts. No under-dosing of actives. We want to give you a quality product that will keep your customer coming back for more. It is good for your business, which is good for our business.

We have found that focusing on these four attributes elevates the trust our customers place in us and helps us to continue to strive for the quality and customer service that our customers have grown to expect from us.